Curate, stream and download licensed music for digital home fitness


Our powerful playlisting tool provides a flexible solution that adds music to online workouts, whether VOD or live. We know that great music makes your at-home fitness or wellness programs stand out. We’ve made it easy for your instructors to curate and stream playlists for their digital classes that comply with your licensing agreements, removing the stress and worry about the legalities of streaming great tunes.


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Do you run a fitness company where adding killer playlists to your classes is time consuming and stressful?

Your customers are choosing workouts based on music, so getting your hands on the right tracks is key to the success of your fitness brand. Tuned Global can help you with:


Reducing your risk by only having access to the music you’ve legally licensed from which to create epic playlists.


Quickly create playlists from a catalogue for which you have cleared rights, in a user-friendly interface your instructors will love.


Easily integrate music into your on-demand, online fitness classes without technical complexities.


Maintain a competitive edge by providing your members with an incredible fitness experience with high-quality music they’ll want to workout to.

Fitness-first functionality for effortless content creation

Our playlist solution for fitness instructors is as powerful as your workouts. Discover how Tuned Global’s flexible music streaming solution for businesses makes running an online fitness business with licensed music so much simpler.


Playlisting app

We do things differently. Unlike others, our unique music streaming app for fitness allows you the flexibility to quickly build the playlists you need directly in-app, selecting only from your licensed music tracks. It’s incredibly easy, intuitive and fast to create the ultimate soundtrack to your session. No radio mode, our app plays your chosen music in the order you need it to happen.

Power search

Save hours finding the right track! We’ve streamlined a 10-hour task into less than three hours. The Power Search function will quickly help you discover music by the things that matter most to the fitness industry. Whether that’s BPM, audio key, genre or mood, you can filter search results in seconds.

Customisable crossfade and tempo

Unlike other industries, fitness instructors need to be able to control the unique features of their audio. We’ve thought of it all. Our fitness audio playlisting app offers customisable crossfade and tempo for your class to flow as you wish.

Find similar tracks

Your instructors are not all music experts, and music is not where they can spend most of their time. Our integration with Musiio allows us to find similar tunes from seed tracks. When the licensing for a track you have previously used in a video has changed, you will receive a notification and recommendations of tracks with the same duration, genre and BPM. 


How our playlisting tool for fitness works

Integrating licensed music into online workouts has never been simpler. You can stream your playlists, download them, sync them with your VOD or even livestream. Choose the solution that suits your business.


Our branded app gives trainers the freedom to create playlists from your catalogue of licensed music. Stream in real time or download playlists to use in a video production tool. It’s so simple to use. Think of it as your own version of Spotify or Apple Music with your logo and content.


You can also use our playlisting tool on your computer. It includes all the same powerful search features as the app, with the option to publicly share standout playlists with all the instructors who use your app. Easily export playlists to insert into your own online fitness classes and videos.

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One-stop-shop for all your music streaming projects


Use our suite of RESTful API integrations to effortlessly add the most advanced functionalities required for streaming projects to any app or web service you’ve already developed.

Content delivery

We have supply chain agreements with hundreds of record labels and can quickly deliver to you millions of tracks and metadata in line with your record labels’ and publishers’ agreements.

Rights holder reporting

We manage monthly usage reporting for record labels, publishers and PROs across multiple territories as per their standards. This is the basis to create your own royalty reporting.

Recommendation engine

We developed a unique music recommendation system using clever technology to provide users with suggestions that are relevant and targeted.

Streaming backend

Our scalable platform is built on the reliable AWS cloud infrastructure that is also used by popular streaming services like Netflix and Spotify.

Content management system

Our Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage your music, audio and video catalogues, the editorial of your streaming service and your users in one place.

Licensing support

We don’t licence music, but we do help you navigate the process. We provide expert guidance and make it simple by introducing you to the right people in the industry.


“The success of our instudio product has been built on the foundations of great music. Access to commercial content on our digital platform allows us to deliver the best possible user experience, that when combined with our industry leading instructors, will ensure we stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Tuned Global’s techhnology has allowed us to achieve this in a short time frame.”

David Watt, CEO - Psycle


Europe’s largest fitness music production provider launched a subscription based music streaming service for fitness with all rights included.

To help Pure Energy Go provide a best-in-industry experience for their users they transitioned from a CD-based business model to an AYCE streaming service using the technology provided by Tuned Global.


US online dance studio teaching people to dance with the hottest songs in their signature full-body workout.

Steezy already had music licences in place. Using Tuned Global’s music playlisting tool their instructors can now easily curate playlists to add world-class music in their production suite when they record their next dance class. 

All you need to know about our audio solution for online fitness classes


Why fitness instructors worldwide prefer Tuned Global?

Speed to market

The fitness industry is highly competitive and we know that being able to get you a solution to market quickly is paramount. Our turnkey streaming solution is white-label ready and can be live in just 8-weeks after you’ve secured your licensing agreements.

Vetted by industry leaders

Some of the world’s biggest brands already use and trust Tuned Global to provide their music streaming solutions. Our clients range from cutting-edge fitness brands to global Telcos.

Modern technology

The only music streaming service on the market that allows you to provide your fitness instructors with access to their own user-friendly streaming app (think Spotify or Apple Music), featuring only your licensed tracks from which they can create their killer workout playlists.

More questions?

Find the answer to frequently asked questions by the fitness and wellness industry.

For more information and a demo of our flexible playlisting tool and music streaming service for fitness businesses, get in touch today.

Do you have pre-licensed music I can use for my digital classes?

We have a catalogue of over 90 million songs from global record label giants like Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music to independent labels. We can quickly deliver you these audio assets but you need to have licensing agreements with the rights holders first, and we can help.
Due to the way record labels licence their music, there’s no B2B music streaming provider out there that’ll provide you with a pre-licensed commercial music catalogue that you could play on-demand, for your own business, worldwide. 

If you want to take an easier route, we also partner with several providers of production music including Spirit and Pure Energy who can provide you with tailored playlists and content curated for the fitness industry.

Can you help me licence the music?

Yes, of course! We help many of our clients navigate the complexities of licensing by helping them understand what they need to do and connecting them to the right people, from record labels and publishers to entertainment lawyers.

How easy is it for my instructors to create playlists?

Definitely! We understand that doing the admin of using licensed music isn’t appealing and it takes you away from what yoWe know how important audio is in the fitness industry and how busy you are. That’s why we’ve made it effortless for your instructors to quickly create engaging playlists that your customers will want to workout to. What used to take 10 hours, now only takes less than 3 with our music curation tool.

Our playlisting tool includes easy-to-use search functionality with the features that matter to fitness (BPM, Tempo, Genre) and the flexibility to download playlists or stream them straight from the app.

It gets better. Our integration with the music AI tool Musiio allows you to use a starting track to search by mood, themes, instruments, genre and more to find similar sounds.

What’s more, we’ll only offer you the audio that you’ve licensed to choose from and will keep that catalogue automatically updated (new releases and takedowns).
u do best. The playlists you’ll create on our playlisting tool are embedded with a token that allows us to track which music is played when a user watches one of your videos. We’ll create a monthly report in a format that the industry approves of and share usage metrics with you to sort out your royalty report and send to the relevant record labels and PROs.

How do I integrate the music into the videos of my classes?

There are two easy ways to quickly integrate the music and playlists you’ve created into your online video classes. You can download the MP3 files from the app or the CMS and then use them when editing your video, or you can stream the playlist directly via the app.

Can you report to rights holders for me?

Definitely! We understand that doing the admin of using licensed music isn’t appealing and it takes you away from what you do best. The playlists you’ll create on our playlisting tool are embedded with a token that allows us to track which music is played when a user watches one of your videos. We’ll create a monthly report in a format that the industry approves of and share usage metrics with you to sort out your royalty report and send to the relevant record labels and PROs.