Improve your business through mobile engagement


Improve your business through mobile engagement

Your Mobile Engagement E-Guide shows you how

Brand loyalty today is driven through understanding your client more deeply – their location, activities, interests, beliefs and moods. And they’re all on mobiles. For a population of 22.6 million, there’s a mind-blowing 30.2 million mobile services right here in Australia. Mobile can be a very handy medium to subtly nurture engagement.

In this Mobile Engagement E-Guide, we explore:

  • How to use attractive, engaging and exclusive content to give your customers a reason to come back to you for more, everyday
  • Why talking to an ‘audience of one’ with personalised messages via mobile can create and strengthen engagement with your brand
  • How to use incentives to encourage longer mobile app usage


Unlock the potential of mobile with our free Mobile Engagement E-Guide. Download it today!


Compared to other devices, smartphones can collect valuable user’s data via their apps, social media and location-based services. Because music nowadays is a mobile first experience, Tuned Global can provide solutions to gather important data while building long-term relationships with your customers.
Con Raso, Managing Director
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